Aanbod New Earth Living

Deniz Ebren

Mijn passie is om mensen te begeleiden om in contact te komen met de ziel, om heelheid en vrijheid te ervaren. Ik werk met verschillende soorten begeleiding, zoals: healing loslaatsessies, zielsmissiesessies, afgestemd leven en werken, energiewerk en persoonlijke spirituele groei. Zuiverheid is een heel belangrijk element in mijn leven. Want alleen op die manier worden we wie we werkelijk zijn. Vanuit daar kunnen we leven en werken in afstemming met onze ziel. 

In die verbinding zit onze innerlijke wijsheid en waarheid. Die is nodig om ons zelfhelend vermogen te activeren en om te groeien. Het geeft mij veel energie om dit in anderen te activeren tijdens begeleidende sessies. Ik ben heel dankbaar dat mijn partner en ik een prachtige zielsmissie hebben en dat is onze New Earth Come-unity in Spanje met 18 hectare land. We zijn dankbaar dat we deze energie van de natuur kunnen delen met onze zielenfamilie om rust, verbinding, bewustzijn en licht in de wereld te verhogen. 

Aanbod Deniz

Mijn werkwijze bestaat uit twee onderdelen. Een reis maken door je lichaam, blokkades en emoties die de verbinding met de ziel tegenhouden. Hierdoor krijg je inzichten in je lessen en gaan we deze los laten zodat de energie weer kan stromen. Vervolgens maken we verbinding met de zielsenergie om heelheid weer te ervaren, wat ook meteen een diepere helende werking heeft. 

  • Zielsmissie sessie (hier begeleid in je via een meditatiereis om inzichten te krijgen over je zielsmissie)
  • Loslaat healing sessie (hier begeleid ik je door een proces heen die jouw ziel jou laat zien tijdens de sessie en maken we verbinding met jouw ziel/heelheid)
  • Ontspanningsmassage 1,5 uur
  • Reiki 1 – 1,5 uur
  • Massage & reiki behandeling 1,5 uur 
  • Sessies over afgestemd ondernemen vanuit je ziel en het NU (nieuwe tijdperk)

Dharam Sophia

I am a visionary artist, dedicated to catalizing the greater vision of humanity evolving into a christalline civilization. I assist people to pacify their personal presence, their lives and fully live from their soul transmissions.

 I place my music and artistry into service of pacification.  I can say from experience, that being  at peace is a great challenge in these times and circumstances we live in. Especially for the highly sensitive ones with peace serving life missions, life can easily become an assembly of pain, insanity and struggle. I have been there and I know the hardships from personal experience. 

From this I have developed a passion to serve my sensitive siblings pacify their presence, their lives and join the greater vision of pacifying this planet together. Each one of us has a personal potential and I think it is the most meaningful act to prioritize our personal peace and living our full potential! I feel that each one of us is an important puzzle peace to building peace on earth. And when we come together, in a peaceful state of being, we are capable to create anything!

So I created my own set of teachings, which  I call christallinement. They are sourced from the lineage of raj yoga and are carefully curated to assist us in dissolving bodily tensions, mental overload and emotional disharmony, quickly bringing forth physical balance, mental clarity and emotional harmony so that we can train ourselves to always soulfully remain in peaceful presence. 

It is my conviction that perfect peace is our GOD given birthright. And it is my souls prayer to assist us in collectively claiming this birthright. 

May peace be with us! 

In love divine, Dharam Sophia


Offerings Dharam Sophia

Christall touch session

Christall Touch Sessions are a combination of prayerful presence and intuitive, manual massage. Massaging the physical body is only one aspect of the Session, the other much more important aspect is the space of presence, prayer and receptivity to wholeness that we both agree to hold.

The intention of every Christall Touch Session is the same: Providing aid for your alignment by the grace of God and for the good of all.

Any symptom that manifests in our bodies is always originating from more subtle realms and because we lost connection with ourselves, we fell out of the Christall Touch. Thus a physical massage without equally attending the subtle spaces is limited to the physical stimulation.

Including a meditative momentum and prayerful presence into a session, opens the gateway for healing miracles to occur and the release of energetic distortions in our fields, that are the source for our physical tensions.

My background and education are the fields of teaching yoga, meditative healing and Thai Massage. Meditative healing works completely without touch, it is a purely energetic alchemy that happens when we apply our full presence to a situation and person.

In Thai massage we are deeply stimulating the physical body through application of pressure and massage, some movements are performed over the clothes by just applying pressure and others gliding over the skin with oil. I intuitively asses the series and intensity of movements.

In Christall Touch I followed the calling to combine the two modalities into one. A Christall Touch Session goes somewhat like that: Firstly we sit down and you may share with me anything that is on your heart or mind to share in regards to you or the session. If you have nothing to say, that is perfect too. Talking is secondary anyways, because we move mainly within self-sensory communication which is intuitive and does not need words. 

We open the space with a prayer for your healing and open up for communion with God directly. Then we become fully present in the here & now moment, we set the space for Christ alinement by coming into the posture of peace within the golden grid. I will explain that to you, it is very simple, short and sweet. I then will tune into the great teacher of all teachings, the Maha Gurudev to guide me in service of your good and wholeness. 

Then I begin tuning into the state of your body. I intuitively assess the flow of the movementsas we proceed.All you have to do is being fully present with your sensations, allowing Gods grace to restore you and if you can, consciously soften and relax into each sensation

Christallinement session


Mantra / kirtan cirkel