English: 9-days retreat – Experience Divine Connection

Sisterhood retreat
Experience Divine Connection
21 – 29 September 2022


Experience Divine Connection (women’s retreat) is about bringing peace to your entire being and connecting with your soul, nature and source. To be connected with who you really are as a divine being.

In our life on earth it can sometimes be very difficult to connect with your soul, because we live much from our minds and we all have parts to heal. And if you can make that connection, it can be difficult to stay in that connection.

That is why it is important to know who you are. To know your pure soul energy that God has given you. To know your purpose and mission in life. To be a channel for the earthly experiences such as feelings, emotions and energies.

If you make this your first priority, there is no way back and everything will flow in line with your soul path. From that connection, and knowing who you are, you can follow the signs of the divine through your soul. Thus you can live a tuned life from your heart.

You will automatically let your light shine and this will have an enormous influence on the world. You will be a channel for energy and emotions instead of blocking it and holding it in your body.

Of course, there are always situations that are more difficult. Emotions or traumas that are difficult to process. But from this connection and the unwinding of your being, you can bring awareness to what IS. That has a huge impact on how you experience things in your life.

It will be easier to let go of things. So that you don’t have to hold on to it, but that you use your body as a channel for energy so that it can flow through you. And that is so important.

We organise this small-scale women’s retreat, to experience your divine connection. To experience who you really are. Through christallinement teachings, detox & Divine food, exercises, meditations, activations, healing, ceremonies, yoga, nature and our love.

We will celebrate the beauty of life, our divinity and life on earth in all aspects. From wholeness, oneness and this deeper connection with your soul. We are going to connect with nature and its beautiful elements that will touch you to feel oneness.

It is time to fully feel the divine, embody it and express it! We are going to shine our light!


Every morning Dharam Sophia gives a Christallinement session. These sessions take place in English. More info about Christallinement teachings can be found under the heading ‘guider Dharam Sophia’. In the afternoon Deniz will give sessions to find deeper contact with our soul and the elements of nature. In the evening you are free to come for free dance or kirten circle. Each session takes about 2 hours.

Day 1

Arrival & welcome

Day Two
Christallinement session
+ Connection to nature/water element: a conscious walk to the water source in the mountains

Day 3
Christallinement session
+ Connect with your Divine feminine energy & body.

Day 4
Christallinement session
+ Healing session: be a channel for energy to flow freely
+ A short lesson on massages to give each other a massage treatment

Day 5
Christallinement session
+ Connection with the rocks + Meditation: activation of your soul energy, inner strength and life force energy. 
+ A conscious walk in nature.

Day 6
Christallinement session
 + Breathwork session to free the chakras, clear unconscious blockages and integrate new energies
+ Sound healing.

Day 7
Christallinement session
+ Guidance towards your divine mission
+ teaching tuned living from your soul and the NOW.

Day 8
Magical marriage ceremony: I marry myself and say YES! Here we are going to marry ourselves!

Day 9
Going home MARRIED!

Detox & Divine food

During this retreat your body will get a reset to repair and purify itself. So that you can experience an even deeper connection with your divine essence. Nutrition is an important part of feeling clear, strengthening your senses and being energetic in your own frequency.

During the retreat you will start every morning with juice.
For the christallinement sessions it is important that you have an empty stomach. 

During lunch fruit is the basis. 

During the evening meal there are several delicious (raw) vegan dishes ready for you. 

If you are allergic to anything, have a special diet or are allowed to eat certain things, please send an email to deniz@newearth-academy.com to discuss the possibilities!

Booking information

Location: Ayora, Region Valancia in Spain.

There are 3 different options and prices for the 9-day retreat:

Option 1: 1111,- in a prepared 3-persons tent in nature with enough privacy and own space around you.
Option 2. 1250,– in your own spacious basic caravan, including electricity via a large powerbank + water via an outside tap.
Option 3. 1350,– in your own spacious luxury caravan, including electricity and water via normal caravan connection.

If you want to book one of the two caravans, please ask first via Whatsapp (Deniz) if it is still available: 06-25213033.

Not included:
Flight tickets and transport.
Transport service is possible:

We offer a transport service twice a day, to pick you up from the airport and / or drop you off at the airport. The cost is 35 euros per ride, per person. The ride takes about 1,5 hour, but it is possible that we have to wait some time for the other passengers. You can also come to Almansa by local bus and we will pick you up from the bus station free of charge (see route on Google Maps).

You can choose the transport service at the end of your booking through an automatic mail that you receive in which we offer this option.

Meet the sisterhood retreat Guides 

Deniz Ebren

My passion is to guide people to get in touch with their soul, to experience wholeness and freedom. I work with different types of guidance, such as: healing, soul mission, expression, energy work and personal spiritual growth. Purity is a very important element in my life. Because only in this way do we become who we really are and live and work in alignment with our soul. 

And we connect with our inner wisdom and truth. It gives me so much energy to activate this in others during guided sessions. I am very grateful that my partner and I have a wonderful soul mission and that is our New Earth Come-unity in Spain with 18 acres of land. We are grateful to be able to share this energy of nature with our soul family to raise awareness and light in the world. 

It is time to let our light shine!

Dharam Sophia

I am a visionary artist, dedicated to catalyzing the greater vision of humanity moving toward a Christian civilization. I help people to quiet their personal presence, their lives and live fully from their soul transmissions.

 I put my music and artistry in the service of pacification.  I can say from experience, that being at peace is a great challenge in these times and circumstances we live in. Especially for the highly sensitive with peace missions, life can easily become a collection of pain, madness and struggle. I have been there and know the hardships firsthand. 

From this I have developed a passion to serve my sensitive brothers and sisters, pacify their presence and their lives, and join the larger vision of pacifying this planet together. Each of us has personal potential and I believe the most meaningful act is to prioritize our personal peace and living our full potential! I feel that each of us is an important puzzle peace for building peace on earth. And when we come together, in a peaceful state of being, we are able to create anything!

So I created my own set of teachings, which I call christallinement. They come from the lineage of Raj Yoga and are carefully crafted to help us resolve physical tension, mental overload and emotional disharmony, and to quickly produce physical balance, mental clarity and emotional harmony, so that we can train ourselves to always remain soulfully happy in peaceful presence. 

It is my belief that perfect peace is our God-given birthright. And it is my soul’s prayer to help us collectively claim this birthright. 

May peace be with us! 

In love divine, Dharam Sophia

Christalliment teachings

Dharam Sophia has beautiful slides with information about the vision of her Christalliment teachings. Read them below.

Vision New Earth Come-Unity in nature

In the New Earth Come-unity we live and work together from the now-moment, in connection with our soul, nature and God. This is priority number 1, because this is who we really are and other stories naturally fall away. In this way we can stay in our frequency and live our highest potential.

Our intention is to raise the consciousness and light on earth. We live on a magical place of 18 acres in the middle of nature. We work together with nature and connect with the beautiful elements that open your senses and allow you to experience the feeling of oneness. Of course during the retreat we will go deeper into this so you will experience this as well.

This has an enormous healing effect. Healing is very important for us: to remember your wholeness and who you are. On this land we serve people who want to recharge themselves, want to grow spiritually, need healing and want to experience this deeper connection with their soul and the Divine. You are welcome here to experience your Divine connection through this retreat Experience Divine Connection.


We hope to meet you at our sisterhood retreat Experience Divine Connection

Much love from us,

Deniz Ebren & Dharam Sophia