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Connect with other residents of Ayora and surroundings. Here you can follow my blogs about spirituality, insights and messages. Also all events/meetings are posted in this group. 
Soulful joy in Ayora Facebook group

Much love
Deniz Ebren


Dear souls of Ayora and its surroundings,

I would like to introduce myself and my new Facebook group / mailinglist Soulful joy in Ayora.

My name is Deniz Ebren and together with my partner Vincent, we bought a beautiful 18-hectare piece of land in Ayora in December. It was our dream to live in nature. 

I work as a Holistic counselor / therapist and help people to connect deeper with their essence, their body and I do healingwork. I work from a holistic vision, which means that during guidance I connect with the layers that we consist of: physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. All these layers are connected to each other and affect each other.

I have created a Facebook page and mailing list for people who like to get involved with spirituality, connect with each other, help each other and attend social gatherings or workshops. I would like to invite you to join if you are interested in this:

Soulful joy in Ayora Facebook group:

Subscribe mailing list Soulful joy in Ayora:

I think it would be lovely to organise sociable gatherings for people who live in Ayora and its surroundings. To connect, to have fun and to grow together.

Furthermore we plan to offer regular retreats, 1-day retreats, workshops, sessions and memberships. Also in cooperation with other beautiful souls. Think of yoga, dancing, singing/mantra, different forms of healing, massages/reiki, meditations and much more.

In the Facebook group I will regularly share posts about spirituality. I will pass on any insights or messages that come in and this is part of my soul mission.

As soon as we organise something, this will also be shared in the group. It would also be nice if we could get to know each other within the group and ask for help. If you like to join, then you are very welcome!

Feel free to invite others if you think they would like it too. I hope to meet each other! Thank you for reading this message. If you want to contact me:

Phone: +316 252 13 033
Email address:

If you would like to read more about my vision and what I do, you can check out my website here.

I wish you a beautiful day.

Kind regards,

Deniz Ebren